Unforeseen Circumstance

Taking the time to get the right shot

We talked with Courtney & Tyler to get ideas of where they wanted to shoot, we decided on a beautiful sunflower park in Knoxville, TN that has thousands of flowers. Once we got there we took a loot at the field to see we missed them about a week ago. The field of sunflowers still have a few beautiful ones to get the ring shots and a few others. We had time so we needed to come up with something quick to get more shots, and without the dead sunflowers in those shots.

Hot Days Ahead

Moving to another spot!

Coming from a somewhat sad field of sunflowers we moved to an abandon set of railroad tracks that were just down the road that “Cody” saw on the way in. The photo-shoot was a go with some changes in the plans. The pictures turned out great, and we had another happy couple.